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  • Esther Esther Zelf geen ervaring mee, maar volgens verkopers van de zaden moet het makelijk tegen koude kunnen. (Bron;amazon)

    Not too many plants can look equally at home in a tropical garden and an old-fashioned cottage garden, but such is the virtue of the Texas Star hibiscus. This hibiscus, known botanically as Hibiscus coccineus, also is known by less enticing names like swamp mallow or scarlet mallow This cold-tolerant perennial is hardy from zones 3 through 10 and produces some of the tallest plants for a flower border. Scarlet, star-shaped flowers measure 7-8 inches across are produced in abundance to the delight of the ruby-throated hummingbird and butterflies. The foliage is a striking glossy-green and maple-like. In the landscape, create an exotic look with large banana plants growing behind one of these shrubs Though considered a plant for almost any soil, requirements for the Texas Star hibiscus are much like those of other perennials. Plant in well-drained, well-prepared beds and use a good layer of mulch to keep the soil evenly moist through the season. Plants can easily reach 8 feet in height and width, so space on 3-foot centers.
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  • Pascal G. Pascal G. Dank je wel Esther. Vrijdag 12 Augustus 2016 om 20:39