Wil ook jij specifieke informatie ontvangen over jouw tuin?

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  • Paulo R.Hi, (sorry for English) I have a Malus "Red Spur Delicious" and i was looking in the list and i cannot find it, is it possible that it has a different name? Apparently this variety has been developed here in the country. Thanks
    Zaterdag 3 September 2016 om 12:52

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  • Hubert V. Hubert V. If you mean the dwarf variety, then it is mentioned in the database as "dwergappel'.
    But there are no specifications, features linked to.
    Zaterdag 3 September 2016 om 16:21
  • Paulo R. Paulo R. thanks! Zaterdag 3 September 2016 om 16:24
  • Kiki B. Kiki B. https://www.mijntuin.org/plant... Zondag 4 September 2016 om 16:07