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  • Irene P.hello,
    I have removed the tiles from the backyard in order to have a proper garden. There is 17cm of fine sand on the ground, and then clay. What should I do in order to plant grass, a tree and some plants ? ( take out the sand, add compost, ...? ) all ideas welcome! Hartelijk bedankt
    Donderdag 3 Oktober 2019 om 16:06

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  • Heidi Heidi If there’s clay underneath you don’t have to remove all the sand. Add it to the clay with some compost and I presume you’ll be fine. Of course you have to dig a deep hole for the tree. But I think you know that. Lots of succes! Donderdag 3 Oktober 2019 om 19:37
  • Irene P. Irene P. Thank you Heidi! I read that fine sand (which we have) mixed with clay transforms into cement, which I am afraid of. Do you know something about that? Thank you, Irene Vrijdag 4 Oktober 2019 om 10:47
  • Kiki B. Kiki B. https://www.gardenmyths.com/sa... Vrijdag 4 Oktober 2019 om 23:31
  • Heidi Heidi Sorry, I had a long day. But thanks to Kiki who takes care of that, you have your answer now.
    I can tell you from my own experience that the sand is not a problem. Maybe not all of it, but still. Compost is essential though.
    Vrijdag 4 Oktober 2019 om 23:53
  • Irene P. Irene P. Thank you very much Kiki and Heidi! I will remove part of the sand and add compost, then work the soil altogether. Maandag 7 Oktober 2019 om 12:43