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Hilde S.

Spiraea miyabei

 Notitie  •  Gemaakt op: 23 Apr 2019

Species: Spiraea miyabei (Spirea) 

New Zealand Bio Status: Cultivated 
NZ Conservation Status: Not Applicable 

Spiraea miyabei is a broadleaf, perennial, deciduous shrub that grows 1-2 metres high. The leaves are alternate, simple, green, ovate to broadly lanceolate, 40-70mm long and 10-20mm wide, pointed at the apex and rounded to wedge-shaped (cuneate) at the base. Leaf margins are sharply or doubly serrate. The flowers are small, about 6mm in diameter in terminal clusters (corymbs) that appear in late spring. The petals are white to pink petals and there are 20-25 stamens. 

Spiraea miyabei is hardy, prefers full sun but tolerates partial shade.

Spirea Foliage

Image: 20151125-0157

Spirea Flowers

Image: 20151125-0155


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