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Roos 'The Albrighton Rambler'

Rosa 'The Albrighton Rambler'

Foto: Roos 'The Albrighton Rambler'

Algemene omschrijving

The Albrighton Rambler (Ausmobile)
David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses
  (Rambler Roses)

Bred By David Austin

Flower Type Semi-double

Size Short Rambler

Hardiness Very hardy

Fragrance Light

Repeating Good

We have only introduced two repeat-flowering ramblers so far – ‘Snow Goose’ and ‘Malvern Hills’ – and so we are very excited to be introducing a third. Unlike most ramblers that have single or semi-double flowers, ‘The Albrighton Rambler’ has small, cup-shaped, perfectly formed flowers of softest pink that pale to blush. The petals are beautifully arranged with a little button eye; the overall appearance being one of exceptional prettiness and charm. The blooms are held in large sprays and hang gracefully on the branch. As it repeat flowers well, we expect it to reach a height of around 10 or 12ft or perhaps more. It is an exceptionally healthy variety that will do well with little attention and the flowers are not affected by rain. There is a light musky fragrance typical of the Sempervirens hybrids.

Named to commend the Striders, Steppers and Strollers who walk around the village of Albrighton.


1 - 360 cm