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Vijg 'Alma'

Ficus carica 'Alma'

Foto: Vijg 'Alma'

Common fig is a small deciduous tree native to the Mediterranean and western Asia and long cultivated for its edible fruit. The cultivar 'Alma' is a release from the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. 
It produces one heavy crop of late season fruit a year which is large and yellow-bronze in color. 
Most common figs prefer dry summers and mild winters; hard freezes can kill them to the ground, but if the roots are protected, they will re-grow. 
This selection is somewhat more cold sensitive than most figs and is best grown in warmer regions. 
The large, rich green, deeply lobed leaves and smooth gray bark are highly ornamental.

Common figs prefer full sun to partial shade in the hottest climates and well-drained, acid to alkaline soil. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers which favor leafy growth over fruit production and mulch well to protect the roots from cold and suppress nematodes. Common fig works well as a specimen, culinary plant or in large containers. Plant it where its falling fruits won't be a nuisance. This easy-to-grow shrub offers a tropical look to temperate regions and makes a perfect edible addition to large garden spaces.


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