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Foto: Appel 'Karneval'

Groeit in 1 tuin

Latijnse naam
Malus domestica 'Karneval'
Variëteit van
Sierappel (algemeen) (Malus domestica)

Algemene omschrijving

Kruising tussen Vanda en Pink Lady.

This apple is a cult, because not one looks like another and yet all have a typical face. The unusual fruit coloration with conspicious red and yellow stripes is a real eye-catcher – on the tree as well as on the table. The typical, fine-sourish, juicy taste awakens the finest flavors. Karneval is scab resistant, hardly susceptible to mildew and also ideal for the private garden.


Vanda x Cripps Pink


medium growth, vigorous fruiting wood


medium early, diploid; pollinators are Topaz, Pinova


early October, shortly after Golden Delicious


medium-sized, ball-/cone-shaped, weakly ribbed, unusual colorful fruit coloration  with eye-catching red stripes on a yellow basic colour, russet-free


fruit pulp medium firm (to the bite), white, juicy


fine sourish, pleasantly slight aromatic

Crop yield:

profitable early entry, good regular yields

Special notes:

scab resistant (Vf) i.e.: scab-resistant because of resistance to malus floribunda, slightly susceptible to mildew, so far no (tree) cancer

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