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Roos 'Francis E. Lester'

Rosa 'Francis E. Lester'  • 

Foto: Roos 'Francis E. Lester'

Foto: Roos 'Francis E. Lester'

Gekweekt door Lester , 1946

Klimrozelaar met enkele bloemen wit in het centrum met een roze boord in ruime trossen. Ze geuren sterk. De bloei is overweldigend in juni-juli. Bijzonder decoratief zijn de rood-oranje bottels in de herfst.

  • Kleur:  Roos  Wit 
  • Geur:  Geurend
  • Zomerbloeiend:  (Juni - Juli)
  • Hoogte:  400  -  500  cm
  • Groeivorm:  klimmer
  • Bloem:  Enkel ,  Klein ,  5 cm
  • Bottel

A strong, completely reliable rose which is smothered with huge bunches of small, single blooms. These are white, delicately tinted with soft pink at the edges, later becoming almost pure white, creating the impression of apple blossom. The flowers are held nicely spaced in large trusses. They have a strong, pleasing fragrance that carries over a wide area. Masses of small, oval, orange-red hips in autumn. Elegant, glossy dark green foliage with pointed, widely spaced leaflets. The growth is strong and bushy. Extremely healthy. One of the most reliable and beautiful of all rambling roses. 15ft.


Variëteit van
Roos (algemeen) (Rosa (algemeen))
150 - 450 cm